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Roasted Chicory Pieces

Roasted Chicory Pieces
Roasted Chicory Pieces
Product Code : Chicory Pieces
Product Description

 Roasted Chicory Pieces

Detailed Description

The chicory plant is Cichorium intybus, is a hardy perennial with purplish-blue flowers that open and close at the exact same time each day. Chicory is common in North American and in Europe. Although chicory leaves are used in food (they are often known as endive, frise, escarole or radicchio), chicory's roots are the parts used to make 'chicory.' ore recently, chicory consumption has been associated with embargoes and cost cutting. Across history, there have been many substitutes for coffee when coffee was unavailable, including roasted acorns, yams and a variety of local grains, but chicory tends to be the preferred coffee substitute, and in some circles it is even used when coffee is available and cheap.

 We exports:

  • Roasted Chicory Pieces : Size : 5mm ~ 15mm

  • Dried Chicory Chips : Size : 15mm ~ 20mm

  • Dried Chicory Pieces :  20mm to 40mm


iInstant Granular Chicory Powder:

Color   : Black  /  Dark  Brown
Taste   : Bitter
Melting  Point  : Dose  not  melt  but  get  charred  at
Dropping  Point  : Not  Applicable
Viscosity        : Highly  viscous
Solubility  in  water : 100% Soluble
pH  Value  : 4.5  approx.


Liquid  Chicory:
Total  Solids : Min     69 %
pH( of  10 % Solution) :  4.0  -  4.8
Reducing  Sugar (Dry Basis) : Max. 30 %

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